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Hampton Ice Hockey 2019-2020 Banquet (Postponed)

Hello Hampton Ice Hockey Families,
Given the current state of affairs and directions from the CDC and Governor, the 2019-2020 Season Banquet has been postponed until further notice.

Communications will be sent once we have updates on the items above.

Thank you for you support and patience! Stay safe and healthy!

Welcome to the beginning of the 2019-2020 Season

Hampton Ice Hockey Families.....

Hampton Ice Hockey


Games are underway, Good luck to all of our Hampton Teams, Varsity, Middle School, and Elementary. 

Play hard, focus, and listen to your coaches and you will see success both individually and as a team. 

Go Talbots!

Life After Ice Hockey-Graduating 2018-2019 Seniors.

2018-2019 Hampton Ice Hockey Seniors

There is no easy way to say goodbye to so many great players year after year. Hampton Hockey has been blessed to have such a plethora of young men, full of passion, and integrity, who are also great young hockey players. Above are our seniors and I can't imagine how they feel with this being their last year playing high school hockey. I can't begin to imagine how their parents feel after spending year after year at the rink, from Mite hockey all the way up to High School Hockey. What memories both parents and players have shared through the years.

Here is the list of the senior players from the photo above showing from Left to Right -  JT Nelligan, Alex Rapino, Scott Dixon, David Hanna, Cal McCaffrey, Jake Schwarzbach, Jonathan Venture, Justin Adamski, Dillon Glock, Michael Orban, Andrew Coholich, Matthew Commendatore, and Will Meglio.

When I was thinking of a way to imagine how both players and parents were feeling, I found a letter written by a father to his son at the end of his high school playing days which I think sums it all up...…

Dear _______________________,

Has it really been 18 years since I first took you skating?  It feels like it was yesterday.  I can remember the very first time, and the look on your face as you struggled to balance on those skates.

Has it really been 16 seasons of watching you play?  Where has the time gone, how many hundreds of hours have we spent at the rink and in the car?  How many trips to Tim Hortons have we made?

I find it hard to believe now, that in a few short weeks it will all come to an end.  The practices, the games, the trips to buy new gear in the summer, and all the camps.

While there is a part of me that is tremendously sad that it is ending, I would not trade the sadness I feel for anything in the world.  I am sad not only because of the end, but because I know how you will feel a year from now.

While it would be easy for me to be selfish and complain about it ending, I can only hope you can find a way to replace what you have always known as routine.  While you may be leaving the game as a competitive player, the game should always be a part of you.  The memories you have should last a lifetime.  The friends you have made will always be your friends.

Take these last games and relish every minute of them.  Play with a passion that will allow you to let the game go as a player and remain full with the memories it has given you.  Hockey may no longer consume you, but it will always be a part of you.  As you walk away, know that one day you will come back.

This is a circle.  It is a family thing.  One day I hope you will experience the sadness I feel today with your own son.  Why?  Because there is joy behind the sadness.

Through this adventure we have taken as a family, you have grown into a man.  A man that any parent would be proud of.  You have a future, you understand rules, and you know what it is to be a team player.  You have learned to give back, and you understand what it takes to push yourself beyond what you thought you could achieve.

My joy in having watched you grow into the person that you are today will outweigh the sadness of watching these last games knowing they will be the last. My joy will one day be in watching you tie your sons skates as you pass on this tradition.

I am proud of you.  Thank you for allowing me to come along this journey with you.  I wouldn't trade one minute of this experience for anything.


Please wish all the seniors good luck for the future, they will be remembered and missed at Hampton Hockey. Good Luck Seniors!


Hampton Talbots Ice Hockey Spirit Wear

Is everyone ready for hockey season??  Well, you will be with some new spirit wear!

We have gone with a new company this year which means new designs and new items.  The senior players have given some great input as to what they would like to see and logos they liked.  There are lots of choices of items and ways to customize your choices with names, numbers, and glitter designs.  There are also items in many price ranges, so I hope that everyone finds something they like.  If there is something you want, but don't see it, PLEASE do what the website says and LET TERRI (ME) KNOW!!!  

Orders will be placed directly on the website and can be done at any time.  Turn over is approximately 2 weeks.  In the past, we have added a couple dollars to each item that came back to the organization as a fundraiser.  This year, there is simply a $5 fee added at the checkout for the entire order.  

All of the logos can be seen on the home page in more detail than you can see them on the items, so look at those for a better view of what it will actually look like.  You will need to add the item to your cart before you can pick the customization options.  If you have any problems at all, please do not hesitate to call me at 724-882-7941 and I can walk you through it.  I would ask, however, that you call in the evening as I can't take calls while I am at work.

Please spend some time looking through all of the options and support the organization by proudly wearing our new spirit wear to all the games.  Remember, let me know if there is something you want but don't see.

GOOD LUCK to all the Hampton Ice Hockey teams this season!!!

Terri Koprivnikar

Varsity Team Manager



Important Update!

REGISTRATION is OPEN for the 2020-2021 Hampton Ice Hockey Season! Please visit the Registration Tab for more information.

Hampton Ice Hockey Fundraising Oppurtunities

Family Account Programs (credit back to individual accounts)

·         Aramark – Pittsburgh Sporting Events –personal fundraiser working Pirate and Steeler Games with payment direct to your tuition account for the 2019-2020 season-  already underway – no deadline for signups. If interested contact Dave Bianco at

·         Yankee Candle fundraiser to come in October. 

·         Hoagie sale in August – TBD

·         Hoagie sale in November - TBD

·         Hampton Hockey annual program 2019-2020 – sell advertising spots.

·         Other programs as announced

Hampton Hockey Club Program Fundraisers

·         July 3rd 2019 Celebration was a huge success, thanks for all the volunteers who made that happen. We sold out of everything and had a great time spreading the word about Hampton Ice Hockey.

·         Talbot Tailgate – TBD:  Will be sending out a request for volunteers to work the booth for us.  We will be selling soft pretzels & water, having the hockey shot game.

·         Local Restaurants

o   Anyone eating at Buffalo Wild Wings and telling them “Team J” or “Hampton Ice Hockey”, we’ll get 10% of the sale.

o   Others coming.

·         Raffle tickets

o   Penguins Tickets raffle for 2/16 & 3/24 games – all HHS & MS families will be required to sell raffle tickets.

o   Gun raffle tickets are out, please see Chris Cirlingione to get your tickets.

·         Other programs as announced

Any ideas or questions contact:  Mary Sanders-Appel at or Amber Vinciguerra at

Hampton_Hockey Hampton Ice Hockey Hampton_Hockey

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